Single Rail Tester (SRT) : Salient Features

  • Approved by RDSO (Indian Railways) for conformity with their standard M&C/NDT/128/2007.
  • Light Weight – full Aluminium construction
  • Provision for probe mounting for Field face testing
  • Bi-direction positional sensor for track length / position measurement.
  • Uses very reliable 8 channel multiplexer
  • 10 memory locations to store set-ups
  • Same battery type for Multiplexer and Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Interchangeability.
Technical Specifications
Test Range 10 mm to 5 meter (in steel) adjustable in 1mm or 10mm step.
Velocity 1000 m/s to 9999 m/s adjustable in 1 m/s or 10 m/s step
Delay Up to 3 meter adjustable in 0.5mm or 5mm step.
Gain 80 dB calibrated gain adjustable in 0.5,1,2,6,12 or 20 dB step.
Rejection 0 to 100% FSH with LED indicator.
Rectification Fullwave rectified with filtering
Frequency 0.5 MHz to 10 MHz (Wideband).
Test Modes Pulse echo and transmit/receive.
Connectors BNC and Lemo(Size1) both are provided.
Monitor Dual gate adjustable in 1% of Screen width with Positive/Negative logic, Gate Expand modes.
Gate Expand Expands Range to width of the gate.
A-Scan memory 200 Trace Patterns can be stored, recalled, print or transferred to PC via RS-232 serial port.
Calibration Set-up Total 50 Calibration set-ups can be Stored and Recalled
Probe Complete set of probes provided for the Rail examination.
Software RailSoft-100 Interface software for transferring A-Scan from "RailScan-100" to PC is supplied.
Printer Attachment Any PC Printer with serial port can be attached for instant print-out of Trace Pattern (A-Scan with Set-up data).
Display High brightness colour TFT LCD display. Display area 122×92 mm (320×240 pixel). Eleven different colour scheme options.
Peak Freeze Peak freeze it holds echo dynamic pattern which is useful during angle beam probing to locate peak signal.
Full Screen By pressing Zoom key A-Scan can be displayed in Full Screen area.
Reference A-Scan Reference A-Scan pattern of standard test object can saved and recalled in the background for easy comparison during testing.
DAC DAC curve can be Digitally plotted on screen. DAC curve can be set as flaw monitor gate.
Digital Readout and Trig. Function Thickness/Depth can be displayed in digital readout when using a normal probe and Beam path, Surface Distance and Depth are directly displayed when angle probe is in use.
Power Lithium-Ion Battery pack 14.4VDC,4AH, gives 8 hours continuous operation from fully charged battery. Full charging is done within 4 hours.
Charger Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC. Charge status indicator is provided.
Temperature 0 to 55⁰C.
Size 152 x 255 x 70 mm(HxWxD).
Weight 2.3 Kgs. with Battery.